We’ve come so far, without guarantee

I appreciated Julie Muhlstein’s Wednesday column “Women’s rights should be a given.” I agree. I hope everyone read the actual wording proposed for the Constitutional Amendment which was printed in Ms. Muhlstein’s column — pretty straightforward and not very scary in spite of all the rhetoric to the contrary that was bandied about at the time and since.

I was a young woman, a self-avowed feminist and activist for the Equal Rights Amendment in the ’70s. I am disappointed that in the 30-plus years since then, there is still no constitutional amendment guaranteeing the rights that have admittedly been granted via other means — class action lawsuits, individual striving, change in social mores, and just plain luck.

Recently a young woman friend of mine publicly thanked me for being one of those who fought for the rights and opportunities she and her generation now take for granted. I was moved by her gratitude. And I am still proud to call myself a feminist — the definition of which is not very scary either — a person (male or female) who believes in equal social, political and economic rights for all people.

Donna Witte