What will it take to protect water?

What’s it going to take for our elected officials to stop putting this poison into our water? Another (the 24th) study, in 2011, shows fluoride in drinking water connected to lower IQ in children. There are over 100 animal studies connecting fluoride with brain damage. In 2010 the American Dental Association issued a warning to not give fluoridated water to babies because of potential brain damage. A report by the World Health Organization showed that 12-year-olds in countries that do not fluoridate their water have similar, if not better, tooth decay rates than 12-year-olds in countries that do.

According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, a noted neurosurgeon, ingesting fluoride has been shown to increase the risk and growth of bone cancer in young men by 600 percent. Major studies have shown that cancer deaths in cities with fluoridated water were 10 percent higher than in cities without fluoridated water. Proctor &Gamble’s own scientists found a link between ingesting fluoride and bone cancer before they began putting fluoride in Crest toothpaste. Other types of cancer associated with ingested fluoride include lung, laryngeal and bladder.

Japan and most of the European countries have, some time ago, banned the practice of putting fluoride in drinking water. China also prohibits it.

Looks like a real opportunity for trial lawyers. I can hear them now, “You knew or should have known.” Please don’t try to hide behind: “The people voted.” Most of the people who ingest fluoridated water in Snohomish County were not allowed to vote, especially the children. Aren’t we trying to protect the people, especially the children?

Fred C. Howard