Who cares where advisers hail from?

Jerry Cornfield shared this interesting nugget of wisdom in his “Did Inslee snub Snohomish County?” It was one of only eight counties (of 39) to back the incoming governor….” Mr. Cornfield used the tried and true “one county one vote rule” to assess Gov. Inslee’s lack of broad appeal, despite his election. I don’t suppose, Mr. Cornfield, that it is important to note that those eight counties contain about half of the citizens of the state of Washington, does it?

Does he know that some of us actually fact check what “experts” like him, write?

I live in Snohomish County, Mr. Cornfield, and I don’t care one whit what part of Washington Inslee plumbs to obtain a people for his administration. I care only about how competent his selections are and how well they serve Washington.

William Mezger