Who will take on daylight saving?

I am looking for a candidate — Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, or Chickenfeatherarian. I don’t care. You can run for Congress, governor, president, senator, representative or whoever can get the job done. If you will just agree to my terms, I will vote for you. I will ask my family and friends to vote for you. I will send emails and postcards to everyone I know. I will knock on doors. I will withdraw funds from my rapidly-shrinking IRA to support you. I will even pick up a sign and make an idiot of myself by waving it on some street corner at oh-dark-thirty every morning.

All I ask is that you stop this insanity of changing to daylight saving time in the spring and then switching back in the fall. Let’s just put our clocks on daylight savings time and leave them there. My husband and I spend at least 20 minutes changing all the clocks in our house, and that doesn’t include the time it takes to change our automatic pet feeder. Try explaining to a beagle that her food won’t be coming down exactly when she expects it. And how about our dairy farmers? Have you ever tried to tell a Holstein that it’s not really milking time?

Please end this madness, and I promise I will support you all the way to the White House.

Marguerite Witten