Who’s standing up for the kids?

Last month I wrote about evidence which should’ve stopped Josh Powell from being able to visit his children. Now we learn of new evidence (Susan’s blood and hand-written note) which has been old news to everyone handling the case. Many people had knowledge of this information and still the children were murdered.

Soon after my letter was printed, the fatal gun “accident” took place in Stanwood. While this incident is sad and tragic, you cannot deny the fact we’ve witnessed favoritism in how this policeman has been treated by the legal system and press. I believe in compassion, but the facts are this father left his loaded weapon on a shelf below the dashboard with children still in the vehicle.

Remember, this isn’t some white-trash, meth-head father who left his weapon on the nightstand. This is a police officer who should’ve known better; who’s trained in gun and public safety. I don’t know why the gun was in a family vehicle, but the point is the gun was loaded and easily accessible to children.

Would this man be treated differently if he didn’t carry a badge? Will justice be served if no legal charges are filed?

Just like the Powell children, this child’s death was completely preventable but the real injustice is when our legal system and society become so complicated that common sense is all but forgotten.

Ken Hopstad

Lake Stevens