Why did art come from out of state?

Regarding the article, “Musical garden’s first note”: It’s always good to see articles about what’s happening in Arlington. Art is a major influence in Arlington and can be seen as soon as a visitor enters the city. As a major contributor at the Arlington Art Council’s Auction last year, it’s always good to hear where the money goes — but in the purchase of a xylophone for $6,000 I’m very disappointed.

Not in the spending of $6,000 donated by art lovers, but in the council’s choice to spend this money out of state; I heard it came from Colorado. One of the slogans of Arlington is to buy local, and with so many wonderful artists in the Washington area I’m saddened no local artists were considered in the making of this musical art piece. Keeping this money close to home would have supported and encouraged the local creative talent — $6,000 is no little amount and could have made a big difference in an artists life.

I’d like to hear the Art Council of Arlington’s reasoning for making this decision, it certainly couldn’t be they have no confidence in our Washington artists or maybe they weren’t even considered. If I’ve been misinformed, please tell me, otherwise at this year’s auction I will be absent because I have lost confidence in the council.

Chris Bateham

Camano Island