Why is firm’s flag flying in circle?

I write today to make an observation about the new traffic circle on Highway 92 at Granite Falls. The flag pavilion is a nice one, proudly flying the U.S. flag and the Washington state flag. The question I have is why Granite Construction is flying its flag alongside? Are we getting a fat discount for the free advertising? Highly unlikely.

Is it because the community is so pleased with the work they did? Not according the evidence of dissatisfaction visible in the tire skids across the red round center of the circle. Is there something devious going on behind the scenes? Maybe, considering we have a mayor who has yet to reveal why our police chief was placed on administrative leave.

I can see a POW flag or perhaps a city flag of some sort, but to have a construction company be allowed to fly its own flag in this setting is inappropriate and rather mysterious. Is there anybody else out there who finds this annoying and hates even having to see the thing every time you go up or down that stretch of highway? If so, write to the Granite Falls City Council and our local representatives to express your opinion. Every voice counts. Make yours be heard.

Brenda Ballard

Granite Falls