Why is video still available online?

Seriously, a stupid video on the Islam holy person “Muhammad” whips up the Middle East into a mind-bending frenzy resulting in killing an American ambassador and three other Americans. When I looked at this video, barely 13,500 hits were registered on YouTube. How often have you been teased by our alarmist media into dashing to YouTube to view some tawdry video only to witness YouTube has “removed this video due to some fill in the blank” reason?

At this writing, one can still go to YouTube and type in “Innocence of Muslims” and watch this cartoonish, poor quality video. What?! The damn thing is still on the air after Americans have been murdered? My first question (which I haven’t seen any media types asking) who is the stakeholder behind the displaying and keeping this moronic video on YouTube two full days after the murders at the consulate in Libya? Is it the crazy producer so blamed in the beginning? No, I doubt there even is a Sam Bacile in existence. So who is behind this video and why is it still on YouTube? Who has the most to gain with this video? The answer may shock you, if we ever really find the truth behind it. I have no illusions of tin foil hats, but I cannot help wonder why now, why this and who will benefit the most?

Cindy Kadinger