Why not repeat left’s vulgarities?

In Larry Simoneaux’s Monday column, “Four ways we’re slipping down a steep slope,” in the part concerning Rush Limbaugh, he wrote, “At a minimum, a sincere and personal apology would’ve been required.” As reported in the March 4 Herald, “Rush Limbaugh apologizes to college student for insult.” Limbaugh did apologize.

As to whether the apology was sincere or not, if Mr. Simoneaux knows the answer to that matter, he has a much higher calling than writing for this paper.

After calling Limbaugh’s statements boorish, ungentlemanly and crude, he writes, “And the same can be said about certain commentators and bloggers on the left.” That’s it? No examples to advance a more informed electorate? Here’s an example that should have been included in his column: Bill Maher — he who gave $1 million to Obama’s re-election super PAC — called Sarah Palin the most despicable, vulgar, offensive four-letter word a woman can be called.

Oh, by the way, Maher has never apologized.

Too, Obama refuses to ask the PAC to return Maher’s money.

Leftist money talks … trash.

Charles Simmons