Why not wait for port to build road?

Is there something I’m missing in the Herald article “Path planned for access to Mukilteo’s Edgewater Beach”? New Mayor Jennifer Gregerson campaigned on saving the city of Mukilteo money by eliminating such things as a city administrator (although most articles I read recommend against it).

Now the article in the Herald says she is for spending $50,000 for a path to Edgewater Beach that will be ready for summer. The same article states the Port of Everett is spending $2.5 million building a new road to the same beach that should be open by fall! According to the article, access to that beach has been closed since 2008. Please tell me why anybody is even considering spending one dime that could be spent on other parks or infrastructure, on a path to Edgewater Beach when the beach has been closed for years? Can’t we wait for a few months until the Port of Everett builds the road?

Tom O’Day