Why waste money on pricey lawyers?

Regarding the Jan. 20 article, “County Council joins in request for investigation”:

Your article brings two thoughts to mind:

1. Rather than hiring a Seattle attorney at $375 per hour, why couldn’t we have just hired an attorney from a different jurisdiction? We probably could have hired someone from the Attorney General’s office for $60-$70 per hour.

2. If there is still so much money in our economy that Seattle attorneys can charge $375 per hour, then I know where the state could turn to close the budget gap. I’m sure they could “make do” on $200 per hour, then that leaves $175 per hour to fund education and money left over to keep violent criminals locked up. Also, the people that pay the attorneys that sort of money obviously must have money to burn, so let’s have the state tax them instead of middle class taxpayers like myself earning $60,000 per year while supporting a family of five.

While we are at it, I’m sure Felix Hernandez could make it on $8 million per year, that leaves almost $8 million per year to pay our teachers more, and if the owner of the Seahawks can pay a coach $7 million for one year’s work, the owner of the Seahawks can pay for health care reform.

Tom O’Brien