Work should begin at home

Mexico has a new president and he certainly lives up to his name Vicente “Fox.” Mr. Fox is full of good ideas.

First he hates to see America waste so much money hiring border guards and building fences to control the river of impoverished Mexicans flooding across to take advantage of “rich American” welfare plans and the like.

Fox is probably right, because with all of the obstacles and money spent, the flood just magnifies. So I have a plan too – either get real tough and put a stop to it or do as he says and use the saved money to build a nice wide bridge across the Rio Grande so those folks won’t get their feet wet.

If Mr. Fox were any kind of a man, he would put together a government that would start by weeding out the corruption that cripples every small town and state in Mexico. And build a country that the people would be proud to live in, rather than run away from.


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