Workers now face discrimination

Regarding the Sept. 26 letter, “Initiative based on many myths”: Alcohol and marijuana are one and the same as to how it affects the human body and society as a whole. Both are gateway drugs and capable of devastating lives. I question anyone who says differently. Why have we legalized one and not the other? And if law enforcement is not focusing on marijuana laws, then why do we have the laws in place?

I find it hard to believe any time would be spent focusing on illegal distribution; anymore than law enforcement would focus on illegal piracy of video tapes. I would think that that should be left up to the Drug and Alcohol Enforcement and other agencies that specialize in that.

Regarding teenagers in Colorado in the study mentioned in this article: What is not said is that those kids would get marijuana regardless of it being medical or not, pretty much like they get alcohol. And assuming as to how the Feds are going to handle this tax-wise, for many that would be wait and see and deal with it then. I assume nothing. I am sure we can always have a new vote on this issue, pretty much like the states did when they had to decide to raise the age of drinking.

What I have discovered in the economic downturn is that employers are firing people in the name of marijuana, to avoid having to deal with expenses due to unemployment benefits. My husband’s company has been doing it randomly very often, and recently he has been picked randomly and tested three times. And several co-workers have been fired and have not been replaced. This just part of the hostile work environment that is being generated by the bottom line called profit. God forbid us having poppy seed muffins here at this household because it could cost him his job. And God forbid should someone bring some to work as a bad joke.

I know how I am voting. This is not about legalizing Marijuana. This is about decriminalizing it.

Denice Jones