You bet, get state back in business

So let me see if I have this right. Last year we were told to get the state out of the alcohol business. They are ineffective at monitoring the purchases and inefficient at running the business. It was costing the taxpayers lots of money. Privatize! That was the directive. Get the state out of where it doesn’t belong!

This year, marijuana is the concern. We need to get it in the hands of the state, which is suddenly the perfect source of regulating the purchases, and has such effective business managers that we will be making lots of money to fill our state coffers! Oh, and as a bonus, the money can go to the schools! Thirty years ago we were told the lottery would fund our schools, and now we want marijuana to help. Boy, are our kids a priority or what? We’ll have gambling and pot take care of them!

Is there anything that is right with this picture? You can guess how I’m voting.

Elaine Keasey