Lowland lake trout season gets under way

  • Sat Apr 26th, 2014 10:00pm
  • Sports

By Wayne Kruse Herald Writer

Cool temperatures and a mix of showers, rain and sun breaks around north Sound greeted sport fishers on the Saturday morning opening of the state’s general lowland lake trout season. Some anglers got wet and left the water early, according to creel checkers with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, while others toughed it out and found improving conditions in the afternoon.

“Generally,” said Bruce Bolding, WDFW warmwater fish program manager, “those checked reported being happy with the day and the catch, particularly the average size of the planted rainbow.”

At least one WDFW biologist reported a continuing increase in the number of opening-day anglers choosing to release some or all of their catch.

Results from individual lakes in this area were as follows:

Snohomish County

Crabapple Lake: 10 anglers with 19 trout kept and 6 released, largest was 13 inches.

Armstrong: 31 with 26 trout kept, 3 released, 15 inches largest.

Echo: 37 with 110 trout kept, 59 released, 14 inches largest.

Howard: 64 with 78 trout kept, 38 released, 19 inches largest.

Ki: 51 with 152 trout kept, 128 released, largest 15 inches.

Martha (Alderwood Manor): 52 anglers with 169 trout kept, 55 released, 16 inches largest. Fishers reported happy with size of trout.

Riley: 30 with 93 trout kept, 16 released, 23 inches largest.

Serene: 24 with 44 trout kept, 52 released, 15 inches largest.

Lake Sixteen: 68 with 220 trout kept, 70 released, 16 inches largest; hard rain showers reported.

Stickney,: 14 with 26 trout kept, 21 released, 12 inches largest; most anglers happy with day, but cool and some wind.

Storm: 20 with 87 trout kept, 35 released, 15 inches largest; mostly limits around, in the rain.

Wagner: 11 with 29 trout kept, 24 released, 17 inches largest; wet and cold early, better in p.m.

Skagit County

Lake Erie: 46 anglers with 121 trout kept, 7 released, 18 inches largest; fishers liked large average size.

Heart: 68 with 178 trout kept, 176 released, 18 inches largest; cold, wet, lots of limits.

McMurray: 47 with 108 trout kept, 18 released, 15 inches largest; better weather in afternoon.

Whatcom County

Lake Padden: 43 with 174 trout kept, 90 released, 16 inches largest; three ospreys put on a show.

Island County

Deer Lake: 24 with 79 trout kept, 19 released, 16 inches largest; cold, windy.

Goss: 17 with 56 trout kept, 34 released, 12 inches largest.