Mariners take a stand against intolerance in Arizona

  • Wed Feb 26th, 2014 4:49pm
  • Sports

By John Boyle

The state of Arizona recently passed a controversial bill that if signed into law would permit businesses to discriminate against gay customers based on religious beliefs. Not surprisingly, Arizona Senate Bill 1062 has become a much-debated topic since it was passed, and with bill’s fate now in the hands of Governor Janice Brewer, many businesses and organizations are urging Brewer to veto 1062.

The NFL has made it known that they will consider relocating next year’s Super Bowl if 1062 goes into law—the league took a Super Bowl away from Arizona in 1993 when the state refused to recognize Martin Luther King Day—and on Wednesday Major League Baseball issued a statement that it too is against 1062. Later Wednesday afternoon, the Mariners, who have held spring training in Arizona since their inception, issued a statement from CEO Howard Lincoln:

“The Seattle Mariners have enjoyed 37 years of spring training in Arizona. Our fans flock to Peoria for baseball in March, and have always been made to feel welcome by the businesses and good people of Arizona. This should apply to all of our fans. The Mariners respect and value diversity. We welcome fans of all races, colors, religious beliefs, nationalities, ages and sexual orientations. We believe that intolerance has no place in our game or society. Unfortunately, Senate Bill 1062 sends a message that not everyone is welcome. We hope Governor Brewer will reject that message.”

UPDATE: Brewer just announced she has vetoed the bill.