Pennsylvania bowler sets U.S. consecutive strike record

  • Mon Jun 7th, 2010 9:14am
  • Sports

Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The United States Bowling Congress says a central Pennsylvania man has set a national record with 47 consecutive strikes.

Tommy Gollick scored a 279 on his first league game May 11 at Red Crown Bowling Center in Harrisburg. Gollick then rolled perfect 300s on his next three games, breaking the previous record of 40 consecutive strikes set by a Washington woman in 1986.

Gollick, a 32-year-old lefty, who runs a print shop for a nonprofit, says the rest of the lanes got quiet as he kept tallying strikes. But after his second 300 game, he says he loosened up because he’d already gotten the house record of 35 straight.

Gollick’s streak ended when he stopped bowling. He says the game simply was over and he wasn’t interested in seeing how many more strikes he could get.

Information from: The Patriot-News,