Pick of the week: Omak Lake cuttthroat

  • Wed May 23rd, 2012 10:37pm
  • Sports

By Wayne Kruse Special to The Herald

Omak Lake offers the best Lahontan cutthroat fishing in the state, and early June is the best time to fish it, according to Anton Jones of Darrell &Dad’s Family Guide Service in Chelan. Jones took a party of friends to the lake a week ago and enjoyed a 50-fish day, including a quadruple-header of four 4-pounders hooked and brought to the boat simultaneously. The largest fish of the day weighed 6½ pounds.

“It’s a hoot this time of year,” Jones (1-866-360-1523) said. “Plenty of fish, cool temperatures, and no wind.”

Buy a Colville tribal permit ($10 one day; $40 season; $12 two-rod endorsement) at the Exxon station in Brewster, the old “Triangle Shell” station. Launch at the concrete ramp on the northeast corner of the lake, Mission Bay, and troll the shallow bays from just under the surface to a depth of 30 or 40 feet. Use snap weights, banana sinkers, lead-core line or downriggers, whatever you prefer, and pull Kingfisher Lite or Coyote spoons at 2.2 to 2.4 mph. The spoon color didn’t seem to make much difference, Jones said, but green/white, black/silver, and glow colors are standards on Omak Lake.

Flies also work well, trolled or cast in the bays, as do Rapala-type plugs cast along the shoreline.

Wayne Kruse