Walter Thurmond a 49er? He’s taking a visit

  • Thu Mar 13th, 2014 5:25pm
  • Sports

By John Boyle

Free agent cornerback Walter Thurmond may not be a Seahawk next season. In fact, considering how much money the Seahawks are going to have to set aside for two other members of their secondary, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, and considering how well Byron Maxwell played late last season, it has seemed likely for a while now that they would let Thurmond walk this offseason unless there isn’t much of a market for him and they can sign him at a bargain price.

But could Thurmond end up playing for Seattle’s biggest rival, the San Francisco 49ers? Apparently the ‘Niners are interested, because they’re bringing Thurmond in for a visit according the corner’s Twitter account.

Thurmond also had an interesting Tweet about the business side of the game, and apparently isn’t too happy with the Seahawks’ decision to release Red Bryant.

Thurmond already has visited Jacksonville, which has been a popular landing spot for former Seahawks since Gus Bradley became the Jaguars’ head coach, including Bryant and Chris Clemons, who signed with Jacksonville Thursday after the Seahawks’ released him a day earlier.