Cascade Hiker Podcast

Plein air painter on his favorite backcountry spots, easels

While most people think of painting in a studio or classroom, Mark Boyle loves to paint at the scene of which he is painting and… Continue reading

Learn about Mount Baker trails from the expert

Meet Gary Paull, wilderness trails program manager for the Mount Baker National Forest. He talks about funding and trail conditions in one of Washington’s most… Continue reading

It was straight out of a movie or fantasy fiction

We were in total darkness, feeling our way through the center of Boulder Cave, when I decided to investigate the source of the screaming we… Continue reading

101 top hiking destinations within hours of Las Vegas

Why waste all of your steps on the Las Vegas Strip when there are hikes just 20 minutes out of town? Author Deborah Wall talks… Continue reading

Stocking fish in the high lakes with Brian Curtis

The Trail Blazers, a volunteer group for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), formed in 1933. In those days, they would attach a… Continue reading

Functional medicine on the hiking trail

Mike Mutzel is the host of the High Intensity Health Podcast and I was excited to pull from his talk on Functional Medicine these nuggets… Continue reading

Yakima’s Elk Ridge Campground is a great base for area hikes

Tim Hoefer is my guest today. He and his wife Julie own and operate Elk Ridge Campground along the 410 Highway in Yakima Valley. My… Continue reading

New to backpacking? This podcast’s for you

Heather and Josh Legler from the First 40 Miles Podcast are my guests in this episode. They released their first episode back on Dec. 16,… Continue reading

Interview with an outdoor clothing and equipment store owner

Demetri Coupounas, known as Coup, started GoLite in 1998 with his wife and father. Ultimately, the company went out of business; the major reason being… Continue reading

Tides, trees and camping on the West Coast Trail

Sherry Winslow is fresh off the West Coast Trail. She describes the trail on the second half of this shorter episode, talking about the tides,… Continue reading

Hiking in and around Portland

Brian Barker, an expert on Portland-area trails, is the author of Take A Walk Portland, a hiking guide that covers the city and the outlying… Continue reading

Hiking on water (aka paddling) around the San Juan Islands

Jessi Owens came to the Pacific Northwest about 13 years ago. She started out enjoying the mountains, hiking her way through some novice spots and… Continue reading

Malcom Bates on the Darrington-area hikers of yore

In 1987, Malcolm Bates published the book Three Fingers: The Mountain, The Men and a Lookout. Three Fingers Mountain is the most recognizable peak seen… Continue reading

Sherry ‘Night Rider’ Winslow: Trails are just waiting for you

Sherry Winslow, from Seattle, is known on the trail as “Night Rider!” She hiked the Pacific Crest Trail last summer from Mexico to Canada and… Continue reading

Hiking and family go together

Analeise Dowd blogs at Hikes for Dad. Her blog says, “I am hiking for me and for my dad whose soul lived in the wilderness.… Continue reading

Trek for Treasure turned hiking into treasure-hunt adventure

Mark Pearson has been running Trek for Treasure for quite a few years now, starting as a way to encourage employees at United General of… Continue reading

Interview with Kindra Ramos of Washington Trails Association

Kindra Ramos is the Director of Communication at Washington Trails Association. With 10 years under her belt working for WTA, she was a great person… Continue reading

During a Pacific Crest Trail hike, a tent company is born

Henry Shires created a tarp-style tent for his Pacific Crest Trail through-hike in 1999, and this was the beginning of what would become his company,… Continue reading