Brilliant colors betray local artist’s brilliant insight

  • Wednesday, March 18, 2009 3:17pm

To me, artist Andrew Morrison’s usage of color in his stunning set of eight murals are currently on display at the Mountlake Terrace Library matches the obvious passion of Adam Morrison when the latter played for Gonzaga as the Zags’ unforgettably intense, constantly-wincing, undeniably driven college superstar.

The way Andrew manifests his artistic visions onto his pieces also kind of reminds me of his fellow Mountlake Terrace High School alum Mark O’Connor, the renowned, immensely talented violinist who is known and recognized for his unique musical mastery.

If my fellow Wazzu alum Sherman Alexie engaged in “The Business of FancyDancing” (one of Alexie’s books), then Morrison engages in “The Business of FancyPainting” (for example, see “Fancy Boy”!).

Again, Andrew’s use of and combination of hues and the way he creates and shows a story within a given picture is brilliant; one can tell he didn’t just learn to make art that way overnight. Terrace High can be proud that such talented artists were once students at their very creative school.

Steve Goodman

Mountlake Terrace