Choosing a legislator: more candidates give their advice

  • Tue Oct 5th, 2010 4:57pm

By Evan Smith Enterprise political writer

I’ve asked candidates to tell what qualities voters should look for in choosing legislators.

Here are answers from the candidates for 1st District State House Position 1, Republican Dennis Richter and Democrat Derek Stanford.


“A legislator must have a balanced outlook on what should realistically be expected from government. In some areas, government is essential — law enforcement, transportation, and public education, for example. Unfortunately, over the last few decades, government at many levels has far exceeded its necessary boundaries. So a legislator must have the discipline, courage and vision to ensure that government is efficient and effective in the essential areas. And, as is true for any public official, character does matter.”


“Electing our public officials comes down to values and background. Who will prioritize job creation, tax relief for middle-income families and investment in education? Who will build a state budget that matches our values and lives within our means? I believe my background as a statistician and small business owner makes me uniquely qualified to serve our community, and that my focus on good jobs, education, and efficient and accountable state government are the values we need in a legislator.”

Here are answers from the candidates for 32nd District Senate, Republican David Baker and Democrat Maralyn Chase.


“Citizens are suffering through unemployment, business failures, reduction in savings and home foreclosures. Meanwhile, government spending is unsustainable — and more than ever, government is arrogant, intrusive and out of touch. Legislators must be respectful of, and accountable to, the people. The people of the 32nd LD deserve legislators who prioritize job creation, economic growth and fiscal discipline. Budgetary skills, business experience and a proven record of accountability are crucial.”


“A legislator should solve economic challenges with solutions bringing broad-based prosperity, stability and security that includes the middle class through job creation, small business development and public education.

“A legislator should value the American principles of fairness and opportunity, government that works for everyone and a tax system that is just and equitable, in which everyone pays their fair share. Legislators should support responsible fiscal policies and accountable, transparent government.”

Forum on I-1098 at EdCC Oct. 7

People who missed Monday’s forum on Initiative 1098 have another chance to hear about the high-earners’ tax measure at a forum at 7 p.m. Oct. 7 at the Edmonds Community College Black Box Theater, 20310 68th Ave. W, Lynnwood.

Organizers plan a debate between initiative sponsor Bill Gates Sr. and former Gov. Dan Evans, an initiative opponent.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

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