‘Competitive’ doesn’t mean ‘judgmental’

  • Tue Mar 27th, 2012 7:08pm

About the article “Competitive yoga? Down dog” (March 14): Myself, at 63, very healthy, thanks to 40 years of yoga – I agree with the article … except when Anna Holmes forgets to say and practice “right speech and non-judgment” when describing the “bald” man doing a handstand, breathing loudly …

1) If she would have said “the fat woman doing a handstand,” Holmes would have had many letters of complaint.

2) She simply could have said “the man doing a handstand loudly.”

3) Me, a woman, thinks there is nothing wrong, it is even attractive when a man shaves his head.

4) Being a hair stylist for women and men, I hear how self-conscious men are when they start losing their hair. It really makes them feel bad; and the cruel ones are their wives or girlfriends who tease them about this. Shame on you, ladies. That is low …

5) Hooray for that man doing yoga! We start to see, finally, more men, more injured contractors in the yoga studios!

Down Dog, Anna Holmes.

Corinne Beuchet