Couple builds business on solid plan, networking

  • Tue Aug 21st, 2012 11:10am

By John Wolcott HBJ Freelance Writer

ARLINGTON — Ever since they married in 2001, Jesica and Jason Stickles of Arlington planned to become entrepreneurs. They just didn’t know which business they wanted.

“We had a five-year plan and set goals for ourselves, including running a home-based business so we could be at home with our future family, which now includes three young children,” she said.

Before they started Stickles Press in 2005, she was an X-ray technician for a chiropractor. Jason Stickles worked in software development and did contract work in the aerospace industry. When that work ended, they sensed it was time to turn their garage into their new business space.

But, they still didn’t know what to do.

“We talked about so many different types of businesses, considering if it was something we wanted to do day after day and imaging the kind of customers we’d like to work with,” said Jessica Stickles, 32.

At every business idea, she said she got so excited about designing their own company’s new logo and promotional products that her husband suggested their dream business should be designing, printing and promotional products to help businesses and community organizations.

Today, the couple are happily turning out promotional T-shirts printed with custom designs and messages, colorful paper products and banners, plus a variety of clothing, pens, magnets and other items emblazoned with names and logos of sports teams, associations, nonprofits, community groups and local businesses. One recent order was for 600 printed T-shirts for the “3 on 3 basketball event” held in Arlington.

Relying primarily on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business, Stickles Press continues to grow and broaden its horizons. Jackson Kenney has been hired on as their first employee and the fast-growing enterprise has them looking for an Arlington-area warehouse where they can add new equipment and expand their products and services.

“The key to our business success has been networking with people, getting involved in the community and joining local organizations,” Jesica Stickles said.

She finished her term as president of the Arlington-Smokey Point Chamber of Commerce in 2011 and has worked on a variety of city commissions and with community groups. “Nonprofit organizations and the PTA are among our best customers,” she said.

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