Coyotes: State shouldn’t protect coyotes

  • Tue Nov 23rd, 2010 3:11pm

Regarding last week’s article on coyotes threatening people by not backing up and attacking small dogs in Mill Creek, I am puzzled as to what it might take for the state to take preemptive action. How many dog and cat owners will have to march around the state capital? Will parents of all school children have to be driven to school? Do we need an actual attack on a child?

I saw a coyote cross cautiously on Mill Creek Boulevard yesterday in the middle of the afternoon. I did a double take thinking it was a stray dog. I slowed down and noticed that it was almost emaciated and mangy-looking. I knew they were deep in the green belt, but now apparently they are becoming quite bold and are in our backyards.

Is anyone tracking the size of these herds? Have they increased in recent years?

Reported incidents are ignored or responded to by state wildlife officials who try to mollify us by asking us to carry pepper spray.

The quality of life which has made Mill Creek a jewel of a city is threatened. This is not a police matter. This is not a city matter. The quality of our lives seems to be controlled by some outlandish, freakish regulation in the state department of wildlife that protects coyotes at the expense of human safety.

Parents, walkers, golfers, dog and cat owners: let’s rid our trails of these dangerous animals. This is a clear and present danger.

Ange D’Andre

Mill Creek