SAFETY WATCH: Terrace man charged in heroin overdose death

  • Tue Jun 29th, 2010 7:40pm

By Diana Hefley For The Enterprise

MOUNTLAKE TERRACE — Bridgette Johns woke her friend to complain to him that her ears were ringing and she was worried something was wrong.

Joshua Knox told her to go back to sleep.

Johns, 18, woke Knox again to complain that she had a stomachache and her ears were still ringing. Knox said he heard Johns snoring and thought about turning her on her side. He didn’t.

Johns, of Everett, was dead by morning. She died of a heroin overdose.

Prosecutors on June 23 charged Knox, 26, with controlled substance homicide. Knox is accused of providing Johns a deadly dose of heroin at his Mountlake Terrace home. If convicted, he faces up to eight years in prison.

Johns called Knox on Dec. 10 for a ride from the University District in Seattle. Knox told police that he planned to drive her to her boyfriend’s house but they ended up going to his house, Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Mark Bridges wrote

Once at his house, he offered to share his heroin with Johns, according to court documents. Knox told police that he gave Johns about a half of a gram of heroin from the stash he had bought the day before from his Seattle drug dealer, Bridges wrote.

Knox told police that he knew Johns had quit using heroin for some time and he was concerned that he had given her too much, Bridges wrote.

Detectives found syringes and other drug paraphernalia in Knox’s bedroom.

Knox has four felony convictions, including two for drug possession.

Woman struck by train

A 43-year-old woman, walking with friends on railroad tracks six miles south of Edmonds, was struck by a Sounder train just after 6 p.m. June 22. She was taken to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

Sound Transit spokesperson Geoff Patrick said that a northbound Sounder train “came upon four trespassers on the track,” three males and one female.

“The train operator began applying the brakes and sounding the horn. The female trespasser did not get out of the way in time and was struck, thankfully at a reduced speed,” Patrick said. The train was traveling 10 to 15 miles per hour when it struck the woman, knocking her into the water. Her friends pulled her out.

The train was delayed 50 minutes while police conducted an initial investigation. Investigative work is ongoing.

Restaurants scammed

Operators of seven food establishments in Snohomish County have received threatening telephone calls from a person falsely claiming to represent Snohomish Health District, the agency responsible for health and food safety inspections in Snohomish County. The food business operators began reporting the calls to the Health District on June 21.

One business operator reported the caller threatened to inspect and fine the business $5,000 the next day unless he provided personal information during the telephone call, according to health officials.

“That’s not the way we work, and the Health District is not making those calls,” said Rick Zahalka, manager of the Health District’s food program. “Our food safety inspectors are serious and thorough, but they aren’t asking for personal information nor do they announce their visits.”

Fraudulent telephone calls need to be reported to the Federal Trade Commission at or call 1-877-FTC-HELP.

Residents increase volunteer hours

Volunteers working with the Lynnwood Police Department logged 20,835 hours in 2009, an increase of 19 percent over 2008, according to the Crime Prevention Office.

“The Lynnwood Police volunteers have consistently volunteered more than 20,000 hours of service to our community annually, the equivalent of 10 full time employees,” said Steve Jensen, Lynnwood’s chief of police. “Their efforts and dedication greatly assist Lynnwood Police Officers in their service to the community. The volunteers are an integral and vital component of community policing.”

CP volunteers responded to more than 600 citizen assistance calls for car lock-outs, transports and jump-starts, an increase of 24 percent from 2008. CP made 492 disabled parking contacts in 2009 and directed traffic at 273 traffic incidents. Other highlights from the report include the performance of 284 car seat inspections and the processing of 314 false alarms in the False Alarm Reduction Program.


June 25: Suspicious circumstances. 300 block Daley St. A resident reported a substance was placed on the door handles of her vehicle.

June 25: theft. 600 block Fir Street. An unlocked vehicle was entered and books stolen.

June 22: Animal. 2100 block 74th Ave. W. Fourteen unattended dogs were locked inside a parked van without provisions in the hot sun.

June 22: theft. 8400 190th St. SW. Someone hacked into the victim’s iTunes account and used her credit card to make purchases.

June 22: Disturbance. 9600 block 240th Pl. SW. One adult neighbor yelled at another neighbor.

June 22: Sex offense. 23200 block Hwy. 99. A woman was cited for unlawful public exposure and consuming alcohol in public after she was seen putting down an open beer, lowering her pants and urinating.

June 22. Theft. 600 block Sater Lane. Five subjects were apprehended after stealing various items in downtown Edmonds.

June 21: Theft. 9300 block 197th St. SW. Entrance signs stolen from Hutt Park.


June 28: Warrant Service. 19300 44th Ave. W. A 13-year-old female was arrested on charges of minor exhibiting effects of alcohol and for an outstanding warrant.

June 27: Theft. 3000 block 184th St. SW. A 15-year-old female was arrested for shoplifting.

June 27: Theft. 18600 Alderwood Mall Parkway. Woman arrested for shoplifting.

June 27: DUI/TRAFFIC ACCIDENT. 22000 block Vine Road. A Mountlake Terrace woman lost control of her vehicle and struck a telephone pole then a fence. She was arrested and issued of a citation for Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol.

June 26: Theft. 3000 block 184th St. SW. Known suspect stole a necklace and lied about it.

JUNE 26: VEHICLE PROWL/THEFT. 2400 block 226th St SW. A Brier man reports someone entered his unlocked vehicle and removed his Bluetooth and rifled through the glovebox.

June 26: TRAFFIC. 228 St. SW at 227 Pl. SW. An Everett man was stopped for using a cell phone while driving and expired vehicle license.

June 26: Assault. 6600 block 202th St. SW. When someone was asked to move their car, the car owner took offense and drew a knife on someone.

June 26: Assault. 4400 block 168th St. SW. A woman reports that she was assaulted by her boss.

June 26: Auto Theft. 18700 33rd Ave. W. A woman parked her vehicle in mall parking garage. Came back out a few hours later and the car was gone. Vehicle was located in a different parking area of the mall.

June 25: Fraud. 3000 block 184th. St. SW. A father and son were shopping at mall when the son found a counterfeit $100. Dad turned the bill over to police.

June 25: Auto Theft. 18300 Alderwood Mall Parkway. A woman parked her car at Target and went shopping. When she came back out, her car was missing. The vehicle was located by owner behind another building and the stereo had been removed from the dash.

June 23: TRESPASS. 2300 block 35th Ave W. Four 12- to 14-year-old juveniles were found sleeping under playground equipment at a local school.

June 23: TRAFFIC. 21200 block Poplar Way. A Kenmore woman was stopped for using a wireless device while driving.

June 23: VEHICLE PROWL/THEFT. 2700 block 230th Pl. SW. A Brier man reported someone entered his unlocked pick up and removed music and electronic equipment valued at $1,000.

June 22: HARASSMENT. 2900 block 227th St SW. A 17-year-old female reported her 22-year-old ex-boyfriend harassing her through text message and Facebook and leaving gifts at her residence.

June 21: HARASSMENT/THREATS. 22700 block Old Poplar Way. A Brier teenager reported while at the local skate park some juvenile males began squirting water at him and others. When asked to stop the subjects picked up baseball bats acted in a threatening manner.


June 27: DUI. 220th St. SW. A man was pulled over for driving erratically. He smelled of alcohol and said he did not speak English fluently. He asked for a Spanish interpreter, but one wasn’t available. He was arrested.

June 27: Assault 4. 440 block 225th Pl. SW. A teenage girl said her father’s girlfriend called her a “selfish little b****,” swung at her and dug her nails into her after the teen told her to “shut the f*** up.”

June 26: Theft. 4800 block 216th Pl. SW. Female victim reported two ottomans from her lawn patio set were stolen. An “Abs Diet” book was found in her yard, which she believed was left by the unknown suspect.

June 25: DUI. While being transported to the Snohomish County Jail, a male inmate yelled at officers, “I’m a firefighter and don’t deserve this s***.” The inmate asked to stop at the hospital where he told staff police injured him.

June 25: Harassment. 21400 block 48th Ave. W. A man said he started receiving harassing calls again from a man he knows. The caller asked him if he’s a “homo” and accused him of having AIDS and being a child molester.

June 22: Vehicle prowl. 22100 block 66th Ave. W. A vehicle’s passenger window was broken and a Garmin GPS device valued at $200 was stolen.

June 20: Harassment. 5900 block 232nd St. SW. A man reported ongoing harassment from neighbor and had notebook documenting incidences.


The Mill Creek police blotter can be found at


June 19: Person in Distress. 3700 block 188th St. SW. The fire crew was dispatched to Manor Care for a female stuck in elevator.

June 19: Attempted burning. No address provided. The fire crew was dispatched to a home for a possible fire. Upon arrival they found a store-bought approved fire pit on the wooden deck up against the deck railing and only a few feet from their home. The homeowners were informed that they were not in compliance with Lynnwood codes and requirements for these types of fire pits.

June 17: Motor Vehicle/Pedestrian Accident. 18300 block Alderwood Mall Parkway. The medic crew responded to a car/pedestrian accident.


June 22: Collision. 23100 block 76th Ave. W. Firefighters took one patient to Stevens Hospital after responding to a two-car collision in Edmonds.

June 22: Collision. 21400 block 52nd Ave. W. A car and a motorcycle collided in Mountlake Terrace.

June 21: Fire. 15500 block 48th Ave. W. Firefighters extinguished a small fire in a bedroom of an abandoned house north of Lynnwood.

June 21: Collision. 13400 block Hwy 99. Firefighters took one patient to Stevens Hospital after responding to a two-car collision south of Everett.

June 18: Fire. 23000 block 63rd Ave. W. Firefighters responded to a kitchen fire at a home in Mountlake Terrace. A woman and a girl were home at the time of the fire and safely escaped. No one was injured. Fire damage was limited to the stove top and cabinets above. The loss was estimated at $5,000. The fire was started by an unattended pan of oil left cooking on the stovetop.

— Compiled by Enterprise staff