Michelle Singletary

Gift cards can solve holiday problems, but be selective

All I want to give or get for Christmas is cash. And if you’re honest, deep down, that’s what you’re thinking when someone asks you… Continue reading

Don’t let your parents guilt trip you into bailing them out

They took care of you. Now it’s your turn. But what if your parents, whom you feel obligated to care for, are bad money managers?… Continue reading

This holiday season, use your smartphone to spend less

If I can’t stop you from the spending madness that is about to take place, at least be smart about it by using your smartphone… Continue reading

Watching after your retirement nest egg can get scary

Financial planners once used the metaphor of a three-legged stool to talk about funding your senior years. It consisted of Social Security, a pension and… Continue reading

Trump’s election does not bode well for the CFPB

President-elect Donald Trump campaigned as a champion of the financially stressed middle class. To see how true he is to his word, watch how he… Continue reading

Tormented by self-inflicted financial stress? Let it go …

At the beginning of the year, I chose a theme song to help with my New Year’s resolution to stop worrying about my financial security.… Continue reading

Happy couples will establish their financial ‘house rules’

I’m feeling like the Cubs right now. In my win column: 25 years of wedded bliss. And, given all the acrimony during this election season,… Continue reading

Are you doing enough to protect your privacy?

It hadn’t happened in a while, so I guess it was time. My credit card got compromised. Some crook tried to charge $153.83, first with… Continue reading

Give your kids financial advice that’s quick and clear

By Michelle Singletary Specical to The Herald Parents always ask me how to teach teens or college students about money. They often want me to… Continue reading

New agency needs sufficient clout to protect consumers

They say insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. Take the protection of consumers, for example. The Great Recession… Continue reading

Even if it’s not their money, heirs often fight over it

By MICHELLE SINGLETARY You will die. And most of you will leave something for your heirs. (Maybe just your clunker of a car or chipped… Continue reading

Steep increases force choices about long-term coverage

By Michelle Singletary Special to The Herald It’s not over yet. Federal workers and retirees in the Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) had until… Continue reading

Avoid ‘financial chaos’ by establishing rules for credit

By Michelle Singletary Special to The Herald What rules do you have to manage your money? Generally when I work with folks, I realize they’ve… Continue reading

Your financial diet is healthiest when it is debt-free

By Michelle Singletary Special to The Herald I’m trying to lose weight, so I’m all about portion control right now. My meat servings are supposed… Continue reading

Author’s tips will help make Social Security work for you

When it comes to Social Security, the sky is not falling. Yes, there’s a projected shortfall. But now matter how the system is fixed, Social… Continue reading

Welcome to Crazy Credit Town, where you need to know the rules

By Michelle Singletary The systems used to score your credit behavior can be counterintuitive: To get a good score, you must use debt. But using… Continue reading

Don’t risk toying with a suspected fake IRS scam artist

One of the most insidious scams involves criminals impersonating IRS officials and threatening people with arrests or lawsuits for fictitious tax debt. Fighting this type… Continue reading

Another story of co-signing gone bad — is there any other kind?

By Michelle Singletary Special to The Herald There are some financial principles, no matter how common sense they seem, that need repeating. One of those… Continue reading

Critics say proposals may curb access to credit. Let’s hope so.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has detractors. The Republican Party platform calls the CFPB a “rogue agency” with a “one-size-fits-all approach” that “threatens the diversity… Continue reading

Tying the knot shouldn’t mean breaking the bank

Few personal occasions in our lives come with so much anticipation that common financial sense becomes less common. Exhibit A: Getting married. Many marriages start… Continue reading