Michelle Singletary

Author’s tips will help make Social Security work for you

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Welcome to Crazy Credit Town, where you need to know the rules

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Don’t risk toying with a suspected fake IRS scam artist

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Another story of co-signing gone bad — is there any other kind?

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Critics say proposals may curb access to credit. Let’s hope so.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has detractors. The Republican Party platform calls the CFPB a “rogue agency” with a “one-size-fits-all approach” that “threatens the diversity… Continue reading

Tying the knot shouldn’t mean breaking the bank

Few personal occasions in our lives come with so much anticipation that common financial sense becomes less common. Exhibit A: Getting married. Many marriages start… Continue reading

The ring is not as important as the person offering it to you

I often talk to couples about money, and one thing I always emphasize is the importance of finding someone with the same financial values. So… Continue reading

Like searching for Pikachu, look high and low for the best mortgage rate

There’s a craze right now that rivals “Pokemon Go.” In this game, the goal isn’t to capture creatures. It’s to catch the best rate you… Continue reading

Part-time jobs can be learning opportunities for your kids

By MICHELLE SINGLETARY I got my first job when I was 14. As soon as I began to earn some money, my grandmother Big Mama… Continue reading