Steve Smith

A mild December makes for easy winter cleanup in the garden

If you haven’t finished your November gardening tasks, here’s a list of chores to do this month.


Buying a fresh-cut Christmas tree is the natural choice

When decorating for the holidays, Steve Smith goes for the real deal. He lists some pros and cons.


Add evergreen perennials to your garden for winter interest

Here’s a list of plants that compliment the seasonal shrubs you’ve just added to your yard.


Keep the garden interesting all through the winter

These plants will add much-needed color to the winter garden.

Fall pruning at the top of the gardener’s November to do list

Gardening in the Northwest really is a year-round hobby. Check off this month’s chores.

So much happens in the fall garden that you’ll never get bored

Watch for gardening surprises: While many plants go to sleep this season, others are just waking up.

Fall is just another blooming season

October can be a time of spectacular colors in your garden.

How to prune a hydrangea: An exception to the pruning rule

It helps to think of a growing blackberry vine when you’re about to cut back this blooming shrub.

Planting bulbs requires optimism and patience

Here are seven tips on how to plant bulbs now for beauty come spring.

Gardener’s to-do list: October perfect time for planting bulbs

Here are columnist Steve Smith’s suggestions for which tasks to do around the garden this month.

Plant these late bloomers to brighten up your shade garden

In this follow-up to a column on sunny borders, Steve Smith lists flowers to liven up a dark yard.

Here’s why late summer pruning of plants makes a lot of sense

The heavier you trim a plant, the more likely it is to grow back profusely.

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