FAA certifies Boeing SC

Michelle Dunlop Herald Writer

The Boeing Co.’s South Carolina site has been given the OK by federal regulators for producing aircraft, a step needed before Boeing can deliver 787s from the location.

The Federal Aviation Administration has added the North Charleston facility to Boeing’s production certificate, which allows the company to build and sell airplanes.

“Earning the right to join the production certificate is a significant achievement that validates Boeing South Carolina as a producer of commercial airplanes that meet the FAA’s requirements and Boeing’s high standards,” Jack Jones, general manager of Boeing South Carolina, said in a statement.

The certificate is issued once an airplane manufacturer has demonstrated to the FAA that its facilities and quality management system meet the agency’s stringent safety and reliability requirements.

In April, Boeing rolled out the first 787 to be assembled in North Charleston. That Dreamliner will go to Air India. Boeing previously has said the delivery will take place by the end of June. Earlier this month, the airline and jet maker reached an agreement on compensation for 787 delays.

Boeing hopes to ramp up production on the 787, both in North Charleston and in Everett, where the original 787 production line is based. The company plans to be at a rate of building 10 787s monthly by the end of 2013.

“Our challenge now is to improve even more on our abilities, knowledge, and skill that were so favorably acknowledged during the audit,” Jones said. “I believe we will do just that, because of the personal ownership and accountability of the Boeing South Carolina team.”