5 ways to find workout willpower

  • Thu Nov 1st, 2012 8:16pm
  • Life

By Theresa Goffredo, Herald Writer


It’s dark out, probably raining. You’ll just hit the snooze button one more time. You can always work out tomorrow.

These sentences are familiar to you aren’t they? They are that little conversation you have with yourself on any soggy and cold fall or winter morning when you know you should get up and run or walk or go to the gym.

Keeping up your workouts when the weather turns from warm to wet can be a challenge.

Gael Thomson, health and fitness director at the Everett Y, offers some tips to help you keep up with your workouts during the fall and winter.

For morning workouts: Preset your coffeepot so that it can start brewing in the morning and you’ll have a cup of coffee to get you going. Also, your first motivating thought when you wake up will be coffee, not working out.

For after-work workouts: Don’t go home! Thomson says it’s best to snack on something healthy about an hour before the class or workout and head straight to the gym. Your best reason for not getting to the gym is at your house, so stay away until after the workout, Thomson says.

“The snack will help you feel a little more energetic and motivate you to get it done. If you are too hungry the warmth of your house is far too tempting …”

Find a buddy: And walk at lunch time. Dress for the weather of course by bringing your workout clothes; set them out the night before. The great outdoors in winter is revitalizing, Thomson said. “Combine that with conversation and you have created a mind, body and spirit connection.”

Create smart goals: Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, realistic and timely goals. Thomson offers the example of this conversation you might have with yourself:

“I will work out three times this week, for 30 minutes; since I already work out two times this is just one time more. I want to do this because I wish to shed three pounds. I will have increased my routine by Sunday. Once I finish, I will have a 30-minute bath and my kids can’t interrupt!”

Thomson suggests creating your goal on Sunday evening and making the end date to have accomplished the goal the next Sunday evening. Then create a new goal based on how you did. There is no failure or setback attached to this. If you have attained the goal then reward yourself with something, such as a foot soak.

Finally: The best tip is to be organized but flexible. If you are too hard on yourself you will not feel good, Thomson said.

If you are interested in workout programs or classes at the Everett Family Y, visit them at 2720 Rockefeller Ave., or online at ymca-snoco.org/connect.