A true Mariner

Q: So you’re the ASB president this year at Mariner?

A: I’m actually the co-president with another friend. We share the position. It’s really fun, and we lead the leadership class and plan all extra activities, like dances and Spirit Week.

Q: When you ran for co-presid

ent of ASB what was your platform?

A: We really wanted to enlarge cultural understanding and celebrate the diversity of the school. We wanted Mariner students to understand how many cultures we have here. We’ll have culture days, events to really promote that in our school.

Q: So could you talk about your interest in science, including the Ocean Research College Academy program for high school students at Everett Community College?

A: I have had a passion for marine biology. I went to a number of programs when I was younger. Then I had the opportunity to be in the ORCA program at Everett Community College. I really was excited to understand the science.

Q: And then you were selected for the Ocean for Life program, which brings together students from the United States and the Middle East. What was that like?

A: Thirty of us total; 18 from the Middle East. We stayed at the University of California at Santa Barbara in the dorms there. We snorkeled, we kayaked and hiked through the islands. We stayed on the islands with the scientists. Usually students aren’t allowed there, just researchers. We learned about the history of the island, the animals. I saw a pod of dolphins. Hundreds. It was amazing.

Q: What are your favorite classes in school?

A: I’m currently taking science classes, marine biology through ORCA. Science and oceanography are definitely my favorite classes. Other than that I love my dance class.

Q: What type of dance?

A: It’s partner dancing. We do jazz, modern, hip-hop. We jitterbug. We do a lot various forms of dance. Very fun.

Q: Could you talk a little about your family background?

A: I’m Mexican American. My father is from Mexico, and my mom is from Everett. I’m biracial in that way. I’ve gotten to experience my culture. In eighth grade, I lived in Mexico for six months so my sisters and I could learn the language … experience the school and the culture, a really unique experience.

Q: You’re participating in Running Start at Everett Community College?

A: Yes. It’s a group of juniors and seniors from around this area, learning about ocean science or anything. We actually go out on a boat trip and are in the field doing science work.

Q: What are your college plans for college?

A: My dream and school of choice is University of Hawaii. They have wonderful, diverse marine life there and a wonderful program. I would love to be there and get into research. I also would love to go to Western Washington University. They have a great marine science program.

Q: There’s been a lot written about girls not being encouraged to pursue science. What got you interested?

A: I’ve always loved the water. (As a younger student) I went to this NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) program with marine science. That was my first look at what science was all about and what you could do with it.

In the ninth grade, I received a science student of the year award.

Q: What’s your favorite book?

A: I really like the “Hunger Games” series.

Q: And what’s your favorite movie?

A: “Remember the Titans.” It’s really inspirational. And I know almost nothing about football!

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