Arlington Fly-In’s a must-see for aviation buffs

Look up in the sky. It’s a B-17 bomber. It’s a light aircraft cub. It’s a Stanley biplane.

You won’t see Superman, but you will see a variety of vintage aircraft and other high-flying machines during the annual Arlington Fly-In, which starts Wednesday.

This year’s show promises to be the homage to aircraft that it has been in previous years, with lots of in-air performances, a huge display of military vehicles and forums whose wide-ranging topics include GPS technology, emergency bailout procedures and tales from a Vietnam Army medic.

There are opportunities for visitors to go up in the air, a kid’s day and a hot-air balloon event.

The Arlington Fly-In starts at 8 a.m. Wednesday and runs through July 15 at the Arlington airport, 4700 188th St. NE, Suite G, Arlington.

Admission starts at $15 for adults and is free for children 15 and under. Sunday is free admission for all visitors.

For more information call 360-435-5857 or email or go to

Highlights from the fly-in:

•Kid’s Day; activities begin at 10 a.m. Thursday and include robotics, face painting, flight simulators, candy airplane making, helicopters and bubble mania. All kids free.

•2012 Air Show Performers: start at 2 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday and include Ken Fowler and Eric Hansen and their rocket aerobatics and Paul Hajduk, who has been perfecting his aerobatic routine for the past three years.

•Flights and tours: visitors can get aboard a WWII bomber known as the B-17 “Sentimental Journey” from Wednesday through Saturday. Guests must be 12 and above for a flight. And sorry the FAA clearly forbids civilians from flying the plane, dropping any bombs or shooting the machine gun.

•75th Anniversary of the Cub: A celebration of this popular light aircraft known for its bumblebee-yellow body will be Wednesday with fly-bys and a barbecue.

•Biplane flights: Flights are offered in the 1930 New Standard biplane named Stanley. Stanley can hold four passengers in the front cockpit. The New Standard biplane was built for barnstorming to carry as many passengers as possible. Stanley is one of the few biplanes flying today.

•Hot Air Balloon Night Glow: at dusk Saturday; visitors must be on the grounds before 8 p.m. to witness this event; watch the balloons inflate, talk to the pilots, then watch the colors light up the night sky.

•Military vehicles: a large weapons display of military might and includes tank demonstrations.

Theresa Goffredo: 425-339-3424

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