Garrett and Odin Atkinson, Arlington High School seniors

  • Fri Sep 21st, 2012 6:44pm
  • Life

By Gale Fiege Herald Writer

Q: Have you ever tried to play practical jokes by pretending to be your twin?

Garrett: People have tried to get us to go to each other’s classes or things like that, but really the only thing we ever did was borrow books in elementary school on each other’s library cards.

Q: We understand you play baseball. What positions?

Odin: We play outfield and we pitch. Now that can be funny. Sometimes when we pitch in the same game, the opposing team will comment about how it’s the same guy pitching. Except Garrett is left-handed and I throw right. They usually get it after a minute or so.

Q: What are your other extra-curricular activities?

Odin: We’re in DECA. At Arlington, we have the goal of attending the International Career Development Conference and competition this year in Anaheim, Calif. I’m the vice president of finances for our club and Garrett is the vice president of marketing.

Garrett: And we’re trying to get chess club going again. We’re also in Explorer Search and Rescue. We like the outdoors, like hiking and fishing. We’re still working on getting field-qualified for Search and Rescue, so for now we volunteer to help with fundraisers and things like that.

Odin: And for National Honor Society, we put in a lot of volunteer hours in the community. We’ve been given some skills and talents. It’s about giving back. It’s part of who we are as Christians.

Q: Speaking of good grades, let’s talk academics. What are your favorite classes?

Garrett: Both of us will have four Advanced Placement classes this year. I really enjoyed AP U.S. history taught by Sean Cunningham.

Odin: I’m taking fourth-year AP Spanish. I had to do the third year of Spanish over the summer, but it was OK. Our mom teaches Spanish at Grace Academy. She’s really good at languages and speaks about seven. She and our dad met in third-year Russian at the University of Washington.

Garrett: We have been privileged to have good teachers here at Arlington. Our success is in great part because of our exemplary teachers. They go beyond what they have to do.

Odin: Our teachers are our favorite part of school.

Q: Where are you headed after high school graduation?

Garrett: I would like to attend Yale or Gonzaga, or someplace where I can play baseball. Eventually I might like to be a corporate lawyer.

Odin: I am thinking about the University of Washington or the University of Puget Sound. I want to go into military intelligence, serve with the Navy or maybe go into medicine.

Q: We see that sometimes you two finish each other’s sentences, but you also tend to be patient with each other as well. Is that true?

Odin: We’ve always stressed our individuality. We never had matching clothes or any Bobbsey Twins thing like that. Growing up together, though, we know each other well and how we think.

Garrett: Since we have similar classes, we sometimes study together and encourage each other. And because of baseball, our circle of friends is the same. We’re brothers.