Getting sun-kissed without the sun is fun and easy

  • Mon Jul 21st, 2014 12:40pm
  • Life

By Andrea Brown Herald Writer

I don’t usually take my clothes off on story assignments.

Not when the exotic dancer asked me if I wanted to give it a whirl. Or when I went to the nudist hot springs and I was the only one at the pool not letting it all hang out.

This time, however, I was all in.

Well, not quite all. I kept on the basics while I went from pasty-white to sun-kissed in 10 minutes.

It was my first tan-looking tan in decades.

I’d tried those drug store self-tanning lotions and wound up splotchy and smelling lotiony. As for tanning beds … no way would I get into one of those fry-babies.

When the lady holding the spray nozzle offered to tan me up, how could this pale gal refuse?

The room was private so I tossed aside my outer garments and stepped on a mat in front of a fan that sucked away the excess mist so I wouldn’t breathe it in.

Salon owner Heidi Brager put a hairnet on my head, a ring plug in my nose and foil patches over my eyes.

Then she pulled the trigger.

She took me through a series of poses. Turn. Stand this way. Put my arms out.

I couldn’t see what she was doing — or how silly I looked — but I could feel the spray’s gentle chill. The mist was refreshing, like those cool water misters at parks.

It was quick and fun. Minutes later, I was dressed and on my way, with a list of simple follow-up instructions to moisturize and make sure to wear sunscreen.

The spray had a nice scent. It didn’t stain my clothes. The color was natural.

I had tan lines for the first time in years. My husband said it looked “hot.”

Now this could get addicting.

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