Great plant pick: Myretoun Ruby heath

  • Wed Oct 31st, 2012 7:28pm
  • Life

WHAT: Winter heaths provide color in our gardens just when we need it the most. Myretoun Ruby has hundreds of small, urn-shaped flowers that open dusty rose and deepen through magenta to rich, ruby red.

They cover this low-spreading, evergreen shrub from January through May,

This cultivar, raised from seed at Myretoun, Scotland, always receives high ratings for its color.

WHY PLANT IT: The spreading evergreen’s blooms last through the dark days and into spring.

WHERE: This heath prefers a full-on sunny location with well-drained or sandy soil. It is best to water regularly during dry weather.

Newly planted heath can dry out quickly once planted so it is important to water often and deeply when the plant is young.

After the blossoms have faded a light shearing will remove most of the faded flowers and promote dense growth.

SIZE: The plant grows to about a 1/2 foot in height and spreads to about 1 1/3 feet wide.


Source: Great Plant Picks