Make your valentine a custom mixtape — digital, of course

  • Fri Feb 10th, 2012 5:30pm
  • Life

By Kim Cook Associated Press

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day so think about this: Your gift could be one in a million, or one of 189 million.

The latter’s the number of roses bought every February. The former? a custom mixtape.

A custom mixtape of favorite songs that mean something to both of you can be whipped up pretty easily online. Then put the song list on a USB drive to wrap up.

Check out for instructions on how to personalize USB drives for someone special. You can load them with everything from music to video to scanned artwork and even show tickets.

There are lots of designs available in gadget stores. will professionally mix 10 of your songs for under $15. If you order before 1 p.m. your order will be shipped today. Take heart, you may still make the Tuesday deadline.

Have some leeway? Go for a custom drive.

ThinkGeek has a thumb drive that looks like an old cassette tape; add some meaningful tunes, don a handmade label and, depending on your vintage, it’ll be an amusingly evocative nod to high school or college romance. has a 4-gigabyte wine cork drive for $84. has a range of designs, including sleek mahogany slivers, pave-studded hearts, cellos, playing cards and bracelet styles (all about $12.99 and 8 gigabytes).

If your beloved is a nature lover, consider crafting a drive out of wood: instructions at