New online radio station making lots of noise

  • Mon Apr 23rd, 2012 11:53am
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By Steven Graham

Jet City Stream is finally here and I am in love. In a world of FM radio stations with DJs reading celebrity tweets on the air and playing the same 9 songs over and over till you hate a song you used to like, Jet City Stream is a complete game changer.

I first heard about this back in October and have been excited to see how it would all come together. The launch was April 9, and so far I couldn’t be happier with the execution.

Broadcasting live from the old Rainier Brewery this new Seattle-based Internet radio station only plays local music and music from artists who are about to perform in the Seattle area. With a music community as rich as Seattle has and with the bands who play in the area it isn’t difficult to pack the playlist with great music all day long, and that’s exactly what Jet City Stream is doing.

This is cool for so many reasons. You get to hear music from classic Seattle bands from the past, you get to hear and learn about new bands coming out of the area, and hearing a song from an out of town band lets you know they are coming through soon. This already helped me out by reminding me I have tickets to see Coldplay this week!

My favorite thing about Jet City Stream is the opportunity it gives local artists to be heard and discovered by their community. If you are in a band and want to have your music played on Jet City Stream you can either mail your CD to the station or upload tracks through their website here.

If you want to put a more personal touch on your music submission you can also make an appointment to drop by and have a meeting at the station. Jet City Stream says, “We encourage people to come down, bring your music and check out the station! We’ll be meeting with artists/bands from noon-2pm on Fridays. To schedule an appointment, email us at”

When is the last time a radio station made an offer like that?

The on air lineup of DJs bring bringing us this new product is pretty great too. Learn about the hosts here and see the schedule below:

Heidi May

AM Host, Assistant Program Director Heidi is live from the cockpit 6am – 10am weekdays.

Shawn Stewart

Mid-Day Host, Music Director- Shawn is the voice for at work listening following Heidi from 10am – 3pm each weekday.

Marco Collins

Afternoon Drive, Director of New Artist Development – Marco leads the charge for new music discovery and will host the 3pm-7pm hours each weekday.

The new Jet City Stream app should be out any day for streaming on your mobile device. In the meantime, listen along at

More cool stuff from Jet City Stream will be coming soon.