ACT offers low-cost membership plan for theatergoers

  • Theresa Goffredo, Herald Writer
  • Thursday, July 9, 2009 10:01pm
  • LifeGo-See-Do

Everyone is looking for a break or a deal or a bargain these days, even theatergoers.

That’s why ACT, A Contemporary Theatre, has created a new membership program that saves patrons money and creates a bridge between being a subscriber and buying a single ticket.

The new basic membership program is $25 a month ($20 for age 30 and under) for year-round access to all ACT Mainstage plays, excluding “A Christmas Carol,” and for Central Heating Lab programs, based on availability.

For example, between July 1 and 31, a basic member could attend “the break/s,” the Central Heating Lab’s “Orange Flower Water” and RAWSTOCK Summer Film Festival, as well as the first performance of the next Mainstage play “Das Barbecu” all for $20 to $25. They would add up to $150 when purchased individually.

Basic membership does not replace the existing subscription membership program, where patrons pay annually to subscribe to a specific series.

Basic memberships are available at the ACT ticket office, 700 Union St., Seattle, or by phone at 206-292-7676. For more information, go to

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