Seems Like Yesterday

  • Sun Jul 29th, 2012 7:41pm
  • Life

50 years ago (1962)

The Creative Writers Club postponed its regular meeting this Thursday by one week. The group was to meet the following Thursday at the home of Delia Stephenson in the Clermont Apartments.

Rick Drivestuen of Monroe won the 50-lap Class A Main event of the stock car races at Sky Valley Speedway to earn the mid-season championship trophy. Drivestuen brought his car across the finish line a half-length in front of Dale Martel. Dale Duncan placed third.

25 years ago (1987)

Everett’s City Council approved a plan that would put life back into the central business district. Planning director Dennis Derickson said the city was putting its best foot forward. Part of the plan called for promoting the preservation and restoration of historic buildings.

The grounds of the Snohomish Chalet residential facility would be the scene of the annual Midsummer Festival for the county’s disabled residents. More than 600 people attended the event the previous year in Snohomish. Transportation was available through Everett Parks and Recreation.

By Jack O’Donnell from Herald archives at the Everett Public Library