Seems Like Yesterday

  • Mon Feb 27th, 2012 5:04pm
  • Life

50 years ago (1962)

Mukilteo voters yesterday decided against annexing into Everett by a vote of 298-212. The Mukilteo annexation was now considered a dead issue. On the same day, Everett extended services into Lowell and Pinehurst. Another annexation attempt for a group to join Lynnwood failed 224-87.

Great Northern Pacific Peat Co., located near Thomas Lake south of Everett, was opening another peat bog. Owner-manager Shebo Hyashi said orders from the California market made the expansion possible.

25 years ago (1987)

Smoking would be banned July 1 at all offices of the Boeing Co., including those at the 12,000-employee Everett commercial airplane site. Smoking already had been ruled out in most production areas, public conference rooms and hallways throughout company buildings.

Under strange things coaches have said, Everett Giants pitcher Steve Cottreli was struggling with his follow-through and delivery. Manager Rocky Bridges called time and walked up to the mound. When Cottreli said he was off, Bridges said, “Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. I’ll tell you what. First thing in the morning, why don’t you make an appointment to see Mr. Goodwrench.”

By Jack O’Donnell from Herald archives at the Everett Public Library