Seems Like Yesterday

  • Sun Jan 22nd, 2012 11:10pm
  • Life

50 years ago (1962)

Earl Meyer Sr. was elected chairman of the board while attending the 15th annual convention of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas. He ran Earl Meyer Co., 2920 Rucker Ave.

The Sno-Ball at Everett High School’s was taking place this Saturday. Among those on the committee organizing the semi-formal dance were Linda Merrick, Sharon Sands, Marlene Marr, Janet Duecy, Linda McEwen, Nancy Williams, Gwen Meech, Russ Wells, Don Corliss, Lowell Larson, Terry Ennis, Howie Bargreen and Tom Eckstrom.

25 years ago (1987)

Herr Vogel (German for Mr. Bird), a one-eyed bald eagle, had a new lease on life. After spending more than a year in Lynnwood at HOWL, the wildlife clinic of the Progressive Animal Welfare Society, Herr Vogle was released near the Skagit River. HOWL director Kurt Clumpner said the freed bird was eating well and flying around a lot.

A series of seminars on athletic training and sports medicine would be held monthly at Stevens Memorial Hospital. Hospital spokeswoman Janet Endsley said sessions would cover taping, padding, injury evaluation, first aid and training room procedures.

By Jack O’Donnell, from Herald archives at the Everett Public Library