Super Kid: Monica Nash, Edmonds Woodway High School

  • Fri May 11th, 2012 6:20pm
  • Life

Sharon Salyer, Herald Writer

Q: Could you tell me a little about your school activities?

A: I’ve been on cheer team for the last three years. I’ve been on ASB for the last four years.

My freshman year, I was class treasurer, my sophomore year class secretary, junior year ASB treasurer and this year vice president of ASB.

Q: You’ve been on the cheer team, too?

A: I’ve been captain of the cheer team for two years out of three. I was first person to be captain for more than one year. I got it junior year, too. And I’m in National Honor Society three years.

Q: Are there other activities you’ve been involved with?

A: Drill and pom team my freshman year. Track and field hurdles and high jump last year. I was homecoming princess my sophomore year. And homecoming queen this year.

Q: You also mentioned the Sparkles team. Could you tell me more about that?

A: The Sparkles Cheer Team is for any student who has a learning or physical disability in our district; we opened a cheer team for them. They come out on the field for a quarter of every football game and do home basketball games, too.

Q: What spurred that idea?

A: My coach looked into it. They don’t get that much recognition. We all thought it was great idea. It’s something they really appreciate.

Q: Are there community activities you’ve been involved with?

A: I’ve volunteered at the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon and the Edmonds Street Strut.

I’ve actually volunteered at an auction for Mitochondrial (Disease) Auction. One of my good friends has it.

Q: And you went to Spain?

A: Over the summer I went to Spain and volunteered to tutor Spanish students with English.

Q: What are favorite subjects?

A: I love International Baccalaureate English. And I like French. I take IB physics, English, French 4 and AP calculus.

Q: Where are you going to college next year?

A: The University of Washington.

Q: What do you plan to major in?

A: International business and marketing with a minor in social justice.

Q: What’s your GPA?

A: 3.9. Last semester, one teacher gave me an A-minus. I had a 4.0.

Q: What are your favorite movies?

A: “Pride and Prejudice” and “The Wedding Singer.”

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I love baking and sewing.

Q: What type of sewing?

A: Any kind. I love designing things. In seventh and eighth grades, we had textiles class. I sewed a queen-sized quilt with intricate designs.

Q: What about baking?

A: I love baking anything. I like cakes and treats. Lemon bars and muffins.

Q: You mentioned an interest in majoring in international business. What are your goals?

A: I want to own my own company. I want to be the boss. I want to move to Europe or Asia and set up my own business. By my mid-40s, I’ll be super rich by then. I want to go to a third world country and set up shelter homes that would take in women and children and help them get on the right track — like Oprah Winfrey made that school (in South Africa.)

Q: What interested you in social justice?

A: Just it’s all these leadership courses I’ve taken. You need to care about other people. People in third world countries don’t have the same opportunities as us. I feel like we were given so much in our lives we should make a difference in other people’s lives.