2 gray wolves trapped on Colville Reservation

  • Sat Jun 9th, 2012 3:40pm
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Associated Press

SPOKANE — Two gray wolves were trapped on the Colville Reservation this week and outfitted with tracking collars.

The Spokesman-Review reported the wolves were the first captured on the Northeast Washington reservation in more 100 years.

The tracking collars will help the tribe’s biologists monitor the movements of the wolves, a 68-pound female and a 71-pound male. Both are about 14 months old.

Tribal official believe between three and four adult wolves inhabit the San Poil watershed.

The pack probably moved in from either Idaho or Canada, and the sprawling reservation could have additional packs.

Joe Peone is director of the Colville tribe’s Fish and Wildlife Department. He said tribal members have varying views on the wolves return. Although Indian people have a strong spiritual connection to the wolves, many also worry about the impact they will have on wild game.