Bill aims to standardize rules for cities’ traffic cameras

  • Wed Feb 8th, 2012 8:40pm
  • News

By Jerry Cornfield Herald writer

OLYMPIA — The state Senate passed a bill Wednesday aimed at making the use of automated traffic enforcement cameras more uniform throughout Washington.

On a 45-0 vote, senators approved tweaks in the 2005 law enabling cities and counties to deploy cameras that automatically snap photos of license plates of vehicles running red lights, speeding in school zones and hurrying through railroad crossings.

Under Senate Bill 5188, fines issued for running a red light may not exceed the amount for a violation of the requirement to follow official traffic control devices, which is currently $124.

The bill also would standardize the length of yellow lights to ensure they aren’t so short in length that motorists get trapped and ticketed by a camera.

Also, communities with cameras would be required to prepare reports each year on how many crashes occur in intersections where cameras are deployed and the number of infractions issued for each camera.

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