• Thu Dec 15th, 2011 2:33pm
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PLATT, Timothy and Sherry

JACKSON, Jake and Stacey

KNIGHT, Ernest and LUTZ-KNIGHT, Wanda

WALLACE, Jeffrey and Tamra

GLOVER, Bryan and Laura

BATES, Douglas and Stephanie

DURAN, Jon and Courtney

ALLEN, Michael and SUNDSMO, Rebecca

LONG, Donald and Julia

ANTON, Marc and Jennifer

GORBUNOV, Maksim and Kseniya

BURNS, Randall and BURNS (nka PETERSON), Cheri

HARRIS, William and Kelly

HUFFAKER, Thomas and Chalyce

BETZVOG, Scott and Carol

WILSON, Gary, Jr. and Analuisa

McARTHUR, Kenneth and Dawn

BALLARD, Jack and MASON, tamatha

BARBERG, David and Eva

SILAJDZIC, Muris and Enesa

CHIONO, Joshua and Bonita

ALLEN, Mitch and BRUNSMAN, Lisa

MASSEY, Grant and Lisa


MILLER, Michael and Linda

MAJEWSKI, Michael and Anna

JOHNSON, Christopher and Amy

DANIEL, John and Bevin

HALE, James and Chelsie

PETSCHUL, Bryan and COFFEY, Breeanna

KEENE, Dana and WEBSTER-KEENE, Heather

CUSHMAN, Thomas and Heather

RESENDEZ, Tino and BOYLE, Anna

McLELLAND, Patrick and Gwendylon

HICKSON, Deandre and CHANG, Leslie