Headline contest: Readers flush with jokes about broken space toilet

Good news all around: Astronauts on the international space station are no longer crossing their legs and, much closer to home, some area residents had a little fun at spacemen’s expense.

A $15.6 million international space station toilet broke Sunday, at a time when there are a record number of people in space.

Fortunately for the astronauts, crew members were able to add parts to the commode Monday, and it’s up and running. To the 13 crew members’ relief.

We asked readers Monday to try their hands at headlines for the original story. Enjoy chuckling at the results, and our thanks to those who played along.

  • Outhouse goes out in outer space

    Curtis Sims, Lake Stevens

  • All this space and nowhere to go


  • Playing musical potty chairs in space: Priceless

    Dee Johnson, Everett

  • Russian pot tanks, little relief in site

    ‘Head’ down: Specialists ‘Russian’ to rescue

    Lowell Bailey, Everett

  • When the s!@# hits the fan, NASA is not backed up

    Ross de Jong, Snohomish

  • To pee or not to pee, that is the question

    Jim Pulliam, Snohomish

  • Astronauts can’t fix toilet; may have to bag it

    Jim Rock, Monroe

  • NASA Mission Control orders bowel control

    Brook Chesterfield, Arlington

  • Be it ever so humble, there’s no commode like a working commode

    Jeff Thorngren, Lake Stevens

  • Much ado about the space station loo

    Karen Pauley, Everett

  • Hold it! Wait your turn!

    Nora Martinez, Bothell

  • Astronauts poo-poo mission

    Astronauts plunge into job

    Astronauts take the plunge

    Commode kaput; space station in deep doo-doo

    Bubble, bubble … toil-et trouble

    Flushless in space

    Space Station Out (of Order) House

    Plumbing the depths of space

    Plumbing reaches new heights

    Grace Castle, Everett

    Linda Averill, Marysville

  • NASA and Webster’s Dictionary announce new definition for “floaters”

    Tami Bartlett, Marysville

  • Herald flushes news; potty humor swamps newsroom
  • Chester Needham, Lynnwood

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