Idaho wildfire stalls

  • Thu Aug 16th, 2012 4:23pm
  • News

Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho — A wildfire advancing toward the small towns of Featherville and Pine has stalled — at least for now.

Fire officials say the reprieve gives crews a chance to take a more aggressive approach in attacking the Trinity Ridge Fire’s edge’s and interior during operations Thursday.

On Wednesday, authorities urged residents of the two communities to begin pre-evacuation measures as the blaze moved within four miles of Featherville. Dozens of residents began packing belongings and heading out of town.

Boise National Forest Spokesman Dave Olson says the thick plumes of smoke from the fire actually helped slow the fire’s spread on Wednesday. So far, the blaze has burned more than 108-square-miles.

Meanwhile, Olson says crews have made progress on the Springs Fire near Banks. The blaze is now 75 percent contained.