In the blotters: Troubled lovers and family fun

  • Thu Aug 16th, 2012 4:33pm
  • News

By Rikki King

Here’s a roundup of police blotter bits from around the county over the past few months. (Most) identifying details have been removed.

(Caller) reported that he loaned his vehicle to his sister and her boyfriend a few days ago. (Caller) drove past the sister’s boyfriend’s house tonight, and it appeared he was removing parts from the vehicle, presumably to sell. Officers spoke with all the involved parties and determined it was a convoluted story full of partial truths. The boyfriend agreed to return the vehicle to (caller).

Officers responded to the park regarding an elderly man with a young woman shooting at seagulls with a slingshot. The pair was gone when officers arrived.

(Caller) reported there was an unmarked white van with antenna on the roof parked near the above location. She said the people in the van appeared to be videotaping people in the area. The officer found that it was a crew from a local news station doing a story about mail theft.

(Caller) reported that sometime during the previous night an unknown actor knocked over her mailbox. She requested extra patrol.

(Caller’s) 15 year-old daughter was home alone and reported that someone was shining a light into her bedroom. Officers checked the area and determined that an incoming lightning storm was causing light to reflect on the window.

A couple argued over who had possession of a square-dancing video.

A woman said her ex-boyfriend, whom she had dated for 18 months, had been showing up at her home and calling her. The woman said they had broken up and gotten back together 18 times during their relationship, and the ex-boyfriend may not know they were really broken up.

(Caller) reported that her next door neighbor had left a note on her door requesting that she remove a bad review from his Facebook page or he would take her to court for slander and/or libel. As far as the officer could determine, there were no orders in place and no violations had occurred.

Officers were dispatched to a disturbance between (caller) and her 17-year-old son. The two were arguing about him talking loudly while playing Xbox Live. There was no assault, and he agreed to quiet down.

(Caller) reported that his wife overdosed on Xanax. Officers determined she did not overdose and only said she overdosed to get shock the (caller) since he just told her that he wanted a divorce. Fire personnel cleared the female on scene.

A drunk man caused a disturbance that evening by moaning and howling at passersby.

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