Kucinich won’t run in Washington despite visits

  • Thu Mar 8th, 2012 1:10pm
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Associated Press

SEATTLE — A spokesman for Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich says he’s not looking to Washington state after losing his primary.

Spokesman Andy Juniewicz said Kucinich would have to resign to establish residency in Washington and he has no plan to do that.

The Seattle Times reported that the district most often mentioned as a destination for Kucinich, the 1st District, was redrawn into a swing district that would be harder for him to win.

There was speculation Kucinich was looking to Washington last year when he made a half-dozen visits to the state that gained a congressional district as Ohio lost two, throwing him into the primary with a fellow incumbent, Marcy Kaptur.

The former Cleveland mayor and presidential candidate was cheered at the Washington State Labor Council convention in August.