Marriage Licenses

JOHNSEN, Joshua Douglas and FLIN, Angelina Renee

ORONA, John Anthony, Sr. and MILLER, Tracie Lynn

SHARP, Bradley Wayne and McDANIEL, Mollie Marie

VOLPENTEST, William Ronald, Jr. and NILON, Catherine Jeanne

LARWAY, Jason Paul and EGAN, Sunny Rae

CANNON, Robert Leon, Jr. and EVENSON, Heidi Kristina

OSIPOV, Yevgeniy Georgievich and NAGORNYUK, Nataliya Vitalievna

REORDA, Bradley Steven and CHOPP, Anna Michelle

GROTH, Matthew Christopher and PINKERTON, Lorie Lynne

MORRIS, Nathaniel John and GAN, Sharla Lei

NIGRO, Peter Joseph and LANGLAIS, Mary Katherine

CAMPOS, Juvenal Alberto and TRUJILLO, Cynthia Katherine

HOLZMAN, Robert Thomas and WILMOTH, Sierra Dawn

LA COURSIERE, David Eugene and GRILLEY, Jeanette Lee

SKOOR, Erik Matthew and SWEDELIUS, Mikaela Ann

MACKAY, Neil Laughlin and ANISIMOVA, Liza Mikhaylovna

TEGMAN, Jonathan Russell and PLEAS, Catherin Ann

LAMBLEY, John Wallace and FARRINGTON, Ashley Lenora

BEAN, Michael Troy and SPEAR, Melissa Patricia

GOOD, Nathan Paul and TANCIOCO, Charisse Pangilinan

CARLISLE, Jerry Lee and RIZZO, Judith Rae

SMITH, Troy Joseph and HAMMERSMARK, Kristen Ann

NAPOLITINO, William Royce and SWENSON, Heidi Kiersten

KIM, Bum Teag and CHONG, Suk Young

SAMHAN, Mohammad A. and ABU-SHEHADA, Muna

KNUTH, Brandon Theo and MARTINEZ, Jessica Dawn


DRUELLE, Michel Paul Clair and SECOR, Christine Eleanor

MEATS, Ryan Christopher and ROBINSON, Aimee Nicole-Rene

KLEIN, Mark William and GRAHAM, Annie Lisa

MILLER, Nathaniel Clement and MEYER, Alyssa Marie

RODRIGUEZ, Refugio Radilla and BEAR, Ann Marie

KUNZMANN, Eli Samuel and FRANKS, Olivia Anne MacLACHLAN

POPESCU, Gheorghe and NICOLAE, Roxana

NOETZELMAN, Jeremy James and BOOTH, Katrina Lorraine

CHIN, Stephen Wallace and TURNER, Michelle Louise

VU, Michael Van and NGUYEN, Ngoc Minh Dai

FERREIRA, Carlos Henrique and SOULIER, Heidi Melia

BUFFO, Jerry William, Jr. and PETERSON, Jennifer Ann

OLDFIELD, Michael David and FORD, Brandi Jo

RELLA, Craig Peter and VOLKERS, Laura Katherine

LITTLE, Matthew Ethan and KEARNS, Ashley Diana

PORCELLA, Hayden Josseppi and McCOWN, Sarah Anne Marie

DURHAM, David Alan and HAVERSTOCK, Terri Jean

ARRANTS, Benjamin Kirk and LAUCK, Carrie Ann

KENOYER, Jeffery Chad and CHAMBLEE, Sarah Rae

BORTNIK, Vasiliy I. and SAVCHIK, Galina S.

CRUZ, Lawrence Cliff Bernabe and LAZARO, Jane Marnelle Onggao

KNOOP, Kory Harold and STEVENSON, Carie Lynn

MASON, Zachary Vaughan and PARRISH, Jennifer Noelle

PHAM, Man Quy and PHAM, Trang Thuy

TODD, Aric Joseph and HEINRICHS, Jaime Dawn

DUELL, Mark Andrew and SALGADO, Haven Elaine

GUAILLAS, Julio Cesar Ramon and ORDONEZ, Irma Eulalia Criolle

WICHELS, Joshua Roland and HODKINSON, Jamie Lee

DAVIS, Jacob Lee and LA ROQUE, Jennifer Dawn

BENSON, David Ryan and STAMPER, Allison Marie

VIVEROS, Benjamin Quiroz and SIERRA, Silvia Mejia

GASPERETTI, Sean Michael and FULLER, Kara Louise

REED, Christopher Thomas and PARKS, Nicole Marryn

STEIK, David Edwin and GRAY, Leah Jo

MATLOCK, Justin Ricky and HENDRICKSON, Amanda Dawn

MAHIL, Mandip Singh and KAUR, Amritpal

ALFONSO, Vera Carlos and VALENZUELA, Brenda Alejandra

STEVENS, Eric Scott and HILL, Kimberly Ann

DELEON, Jorge Antonio and WHEELER, Stephanie Bettina

BREEKVELDT, Henry Edwin and BORCHGREVINK, Michele Diane

SOLBERG, Darren Richard and MILLER, Alicia Christine


ROBERTS, Christopher William and AYERS, Alisha Marie

RHODES, Philip David and EGAN, Ashly Renee

MACKAY, Benjamin Neil and GUARINO, Rebecca Ruth

FERGUSON, Christopher Lee and BRADSHAW, Shannon Rose

OLSEN, Gary Matthew and MONTGOMERY, Laurie Anne

RAMOS, Juan Claudio and JAUREGUI, Priscilla

THOMAS, Adam Joseph and ELDRIDGE-HART, Nashon Del Trease


BANNING, Daniel Alan and STEINBERG, Angela Joy

REHMER, Bart William and SMITH, Mary Ann

PAUL, Jacob Eli and DYAS, Janna Christine

DZYUBAK, Pavel Petrovich and KIT, Mariana

SPESSHARDT, William Mathew and JOHNS, Ruth Denise

PADGETT, Joshua Leigh and MYERS, Meagan Rae

PUSRAS, Emil Matt and LUPASTEAN, Cristina Alice

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